winemaking and know-how


To go from the vineyard to the cellar, the grapes go through the crucial stage of harvesting. At Domaine Gueissard, the grapes are harvested by hand, early in the morning to keep them fresh, and in crates to limit settling and preserve the quality of the grapes.

Moreover, each variety is harvested and vinified separately to allow the winemakers to improve their knowledge of each terroir.

Quest for quality

“This quest for constant quality while making authentic wines drives us to always live up to our ambitions,” says Pauline. She and Clément work together to succeed in the art of winemaking with the rigor that characterizes them so well. Aware of the impact it has on the identity of their wines, the two winemakers of the Gueissard Estate bring their respective sensibilities to it.

Although they prefer to remain in the shadow of their wines, Pauline and Clément reveal some of their manufacturing secrets: the controlling of cold and oxygen, maceration times varying from a few hours to a full day for the white and rosé wines and, for the reds and their beautiful maturities, long macerations and daily tastings for perfect control of the extraction.

Zooming in on the red wines, their vinification combines tradition and innovation, giving just the right amount of complexity, emphasis and character. Concerning the maturation of these red wines, there are a few subtleties to note: it is done in vats for Les Papilles, in oak barrels and amphoras for 8 to 12 months for the Cuvée G, and in foudres for the Bandol wines which will mature for 18 months. The wines thus gain suppleness and roundness, the tannins become more refined.

The final stage of bottling is done at the domain, at a date according to the lunar calendar.
The result is to be confirmed at the tasting…

history of the estate

The adventure

« We savor the pleasure of making the wine we love each day and we are proud to share the fruit of our work.»

red – rosé – white

Our wines

Is there a better place than Provence for wine? And not just the jeweled rosé.
Découvrez nos vins Gueissard, l’expression affirmée d’une passion !

our terroir

Our land

« It is our role as winegrowers to take the greatest care of the earth, for ourselves and for our children, and to respect nature in order to preserve our terroirs»
Sébastien, Head of Cultivation.

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