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One of the unique characteristics of the Gueissard estate is the rich diversity of its plots of land, each very different in terms of soil type, exposure and maritime influences.

In these vineyards ideally located in Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, Castellet, La Cadière d’Azur, Sainte-Anne-d’Evenos and Le Beausset, the best adapted grape varieties flourish in Bandol and Côtes de Provence appellations. “This arrangement of exceptional terroirs opens a field of possibilities to us”, confides Pauline, “it is then up to us to dare to blend, to raise the bar!”.

On these 30 hectares of vines of the Gueissard Estate, we hold on to the following philosophy dearly: to do everything possible to protect and respect the earth. The cultivation is well thought out, the mechanical work is limited to the maximum. It is not surprising then that organic conversion and the Haute Valeur Environnementale (High Environmental Value) certification of the Gueissard Estate are underway.

A winemaking journey !

Pauline and Clément are pioneers at the origin of their winegrowing adventure, attached to the land and in love with nature above all. To nourish their approach to the vine, they are open to different cultivation techniques and to agro-ecological practices that are still rare, such as agro-forestry, which consists of planting trees near the vineyard. Playing a role in the preservation of the landscape and the ecosystem of our territory, the association of tree-crop-vegetation protects the plots, promotes biodiversity by keeping the soil alive, limits erosion, captures and recycles CO2 and, of utmost importance in Provence, fights against drought.

Along with Sébastien, the cultivation manager of the Gueissard Estate, we have planted more than two hundred trees around certain plots. Between the wild fruit trees, which attract birds, and the melliferous trees, which attract bees, there are so many different leaves that cover and nourish the soil. These trees will evolve in perfect symbiosis with the vine, in the same virtuous ecosystem.

On the plots of old vines, “déchaussage” (the action of removing weeds that have grown at the foot of the vine) is done with the help of draft horses. The “mowing” (the maintenance of the spaces between the rows of vines) is carried out by grazing sheep in order to avoid the use of chemical weed killers and thus preserve the surrounding fauna. As for the pruning of the vines, it is gentle and not very invasive in order to respect the flow of sap. The lunar calendar helps Clément and Pauline to define the ideal day to take out their pruning shears.

Our work and ideals show that we are part of the new generation of winegrowers and advocate a true return to our roots.

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« We savor the pleasure of making the wine we love each day and we are proud to share the fruit of our work.»

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Is there a better place than Provence for wine? And not just the jeweled rosé
Découvrez nos vins Gueissard, l’expression affirmée d’une passion !



« The work in the cellar requires technical skills and know-how to preserve the originality of each terroir. The two of us, Pauline and I, like to add a little bit of audacity»

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