AOP Bandol Cuvée Marcel

The result of ten years of passion, this Bandol cuvée holds a very special place in the hearts of Pauline and Clément and has definitely made a name for itself. In 2016, the arrival of their “knight of the grape cluster”, their son Marcel, gave the winegrowing couple the desire to create a high-end cuvée that embodies their philosophy: tradition, modernity and passion. Marcel was born!

Cuvée Marcel

Bandol rosé 

Beware, this rosé will surprise you! Marcel is a surprisingly complex, powerful and aromatically persistent wine. No doubt because it illustrates Pauline and Clément’s desire to combine tradition and innovation and reflects their love of gourmet rosés.

Cuvée Marcel

Bandol red 

With a majority of Mourvèdre and a blend from the best terroirs of the Gueissard estate, especially old vines, Marcel has character! A gentle blend of Clément and Pauline’s expertise, Marcel is a rich and elegant red wine. To savor now or in a few years.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.